Misogyny, the common misconception of an idea of hating women.  If you take time to figure out just how deep this idea goes, it actually gets you more frustrated than just an idea of  “hating women”. It is the hatred of things that are feminine, the devaluation of the behavior or things, a culture that sees […]


The word misogyny gets a lot of use these days. Unfortunately, that is because there is a lot of misogyny. Special attention should be payed to the meaning and use of the word. Considering its greek origin, it should literally translate as “hatred of women”. However, it has a more focused definition these days. First, […]

Misogyny in Our Society

Janet Chaftez is a theorist that discusses gender inequality. She realizes that patriarchy is here, but brings up the question of how gender inequality within that is stabilized and manifested. During our many rants in class, we got on the topic of misogyny and we defined it as a devaluing of women, which is exemplified […]

Miss Ogyny, My Girl or Boy

When I think of misogyny, my mind immediately understands this through LGBT issues. What really makes me draw this correlation is the term gay. The very use of the word gay, shows the latent misogyny embedded in culture. Gay formerly was a word for happy or ornamental. So, why and how did it become a […]

Chaftez and Gender

Janet Chaftez theorized about gender and particularly about the Marxian feminist Theory. This is essentially when patriarchy and capitalism work together to keep the oppression of women, while protecting the privilege of men. Oppression is continued through the control of women’s labor, because once more women are contributing to the labor force, the weaker the […]

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