The declining significance of race

I. William Julius Wilson – The Declining Significance of Race: Revisited but Not Revised In this article, Wilson fends off criticism from Dr. Charles V. Willie on Wilson’s controversial book The Declining Significance of Race. The central thesis of Wilson’s book is that economic class has superseded race as the principal variable determining life outcomes […]


Patricia Hill Collins – Matrix of Domination   Patricia Hill Collins’ concept of Matrix of Domination is a model that provides the “framework to understand how categories of race, gender, and class are formed and then transferred into systems of inequality and oppression,  By better understanding how these systems of inequality are interlocked and connected.” Continue reading

Feminist Theory

Dorothy Smith is well known for her standpoint theory in her account of feminine sociology. This theory explains that what one knows is affected by where they stand in society. For instance an adult in the upper class may have a harder time coping in an economic recession in comparison to a working or lower […]

Feminist and Gender Theories

Dorothy E. Smith Dorothy E. Smith is a sociologist who challenges preexisting principles not many chose to address. She was one of few who acknowledged that the original ideologies in which sociology’s foundation was built upon was from the perspectives of middle aged white men. In recognizing this reality she developed the profound notion of […]

Homans, Blau, Goffman & Collins

Main Points Social Behavior as Exchange (Homans) Homans’ focus was what he called “elementary social behavior (Appelrouth 421).” This is defined by the interpersonal exchange of goods, both material and non-material. Within a given exchange, actors enter into it with a determination for a result of interchange that profits them. The process by which this […]

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