In the vein of DuBois

Among the most well-known American sociologists, W.E.B. Du Bois is unique in a couple of ways. He does not shy away from speaking from the first-person perspective, wanting his readers to know what it is like to face social inequality from personal experience. Also, he speaks about global issues, but specifically about America, which he […]

You’re Okay Because You’re Not Like the Rest of Them

Double consciousness is a concept that I was aware of as a child; but to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I lived in an upscale neighborhood in Washington, DC. My father was a scientist and professor. My mother was also a professor; however, she resigned when she married my father to […]

Being “Black”

So many times we think of this idea of double consciousness as being referenced within differing races (i.e.: black and white).  However, so many times, I know that I have had that awkward feeling of double consciousness within my own family.  The reason being, is that my dad’s side of the family would be considered […]

Double Consciousness with a little “I” and “Me”

This video came out in late 2011. If you can’t watch it, it’s about a black woman who goes into a grocery store with her half white half black sister in law. The sister in law looks white; blue eyes, light skin. The cashier (a white woman) at the stand chats the “white woman” up […]

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