All along the watchtower

Perhaps one of Durkheim’s most enduring contributions to popular culture is, fittingly, the collective consciousness. Briefly, this term refers to social concepts and ideas that endure past their intellectual progenitors. It is not simply a collection of individual concepts, but rather the wide body of knowledge, values and feelings that allows members of society to … 

How Much is Too Much?

While I thought about the question, “How much diversity/differentiation could a society have before it falls apart, or even become dysfunctional?”, I thought about whether diversity would be degraded as a bad thing or respected as a good thing. Durkheim says that a healthy society is one that is solid, stable and cohesive, and I […]

Diversity v Solidarity

One of Emile Durkheim’s primary theories about society was that, although societies would advance themselves in various ways through the Division of Labor, they would also develop too much diversity – which would lead to a lack of integrity in the social structure.  Problems caused by too much diversity could be argued as reflected by […]

Functionalist Theory and Social Bonds

Emile Durkheim’s Functionalist theory, describes what a society needs to do to function, and he strongly argues that the one thing a society needs is social bonds, or a common set of ideas, values, beliefs, norms, and practices that collectively bring the society together. He also believes that a truly healthy society is stable through […]

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