I was thinking about our society and how we judge right from wrong.  To go along with the flow, what really sparked my attention was the constant discussion of Ferguson and Mr. Garner.  I thought back to our discussion about Foucault–specifically regarding practices of power.  If it is not obvious to you, hopefully I can […]


In our class discussion we have learned that representation is a critical part of the process by which meaning is produced and exchanged. It involves the use of language, images, and signs which stands for or represent things. However because we unconsciously internalize codes that express certain concepts/ideas, language can never be fixed. Foucault argues […]


Post-structuralism focuses on language itself. Language is ‘self referential’ not a symbol of an objective reality. Foucault says that language does not have true meaning. He also says that the social world is interpretations of interpretations of interpretations. He explains that language/texts are embedded in the self and the body; human subjectivity is therefore understood […]

Inadvertent DI?

Foucault’s ideas of power are interesting and profound, essentially stating that power is not an inherent ‘thing’, but an action that a person, people or institutions can exercise on and impress upon people and culture.  When this power is exercised, it can make changes, but it also is accompanied by resistance.  In this article (, […]

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