Micheal Foucault   Foucault is a sociologist who believes in power and how social control is used for people. His definition of power/knowledge is, “It is not the acquisition of knowledge that gives one power, instead knowledge is never separate from power but is instead a specific means for exercising power.” (Pp.618). This quote says, […]

Foucault – Chris Rock

In the Huffington Post article ‘Chris Rock Stopped Playing Colleges Because They’re Too Conservative,’ Rosie Gray tells about an interview that Chris Rock gave to New York Magazine, about how Chris Rock has stopped going to colleges on his comedy tours because students and other attendees are becoming too focused on not being offensive. According […]

The Disciplinary Society

While Foucault’s application of a Jeremy Bentham Panopticon is effective in elucidating the all-encompassing effects of surveillance and discipline, the exaggerated use of dystopias can also be used to marginalize the important issues of power that Foucault discusses. The implication by the use of dystopias is that society is ultimately headed toward this horrible state, […]

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