Giddens, Bourdieu, and #NoDAPL

[SKIP FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS FOR START OF THEORY] I’m glad that we have finally gotten into contemporary and post-modern theory. Finally, outside of false dichotomies, we can consider structure and agency together. This is one of my favorite topics because I struggle so much to understand the relation between the two on a daily basis. … Continue reading Giddens, Bourdieu, and #NoDAPL

Contemporary Theoretical

Bourdieu   A concept that Bourdieu starts out with is habitus, in the book it states that habitus is, “ a mental filter that structures an individual’s perceptions, experiences, and practices such that the world takes on a taken-for-granted appearance.” (Bourdieu, 654). We have an individual and a individual enters into society and society consist […]

Bourdieu Pt. 2

What role does cultural activities play in the social reproduction of class? Bourdieu claims that culture is transmitted from generation to generation through the educational system of the ruling class. “The inheritance of cultural wealth which has been accumulated and given by previous generations only really belongs to those endowed with the means of appropriating […]

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