All the world’s a stage — Erving Goffman

For many writers, the election of Donald Trump has been presented as inextricably linked to the rise of the alt right, which is alternatively framed as a dangerous, unquantifiable subculture of Internet trolls, or as a youthful spin on the misogyny and racism associated with the so-called silent majority. However, the unifying thread between these … 

Goffman, Role Embracement, and High Profile Occupations

Why is it that the more formal, institutionalized, and/or public a person’s social role is, the less likely the person is to be perceived as genuine, human, or unique? I’m not going to say anything specifically about this video. But I’ll just leave it here. There are plenty of different theoretical lenses through which one … Continue reading Goffman, Role Embracement, and High Profile Occupations

Homans, blau, Goffman

Social Behavior as Exchange (Homans)   Homans explained the elementary social behavior(pg 421), which he defined as the reward or punishment each gets from the behavior of others. Homans talks about “time out”, My question is what is the evidence about the effectiveness of time out? Does it work? What behaviors does it change? Time […]

Coleman and Goffman. Why does every Sociologist have the suffix “-man”…

Review Chapters 11 and 12 discusses Exchange/Rational Choice theories, and Symbolic Interactionism, respectively. Exchange/Rational Choice theories describes how social exchanges are a system of rewards and costs. So, for a social exchange, hazing or teasing may be a cost, but status and companionship are the reward. Exchange theory explains the individual, while rational choice theory […]

Homans, Blau, Goffman & Collins

Main Points Social Behavior as Exchange (Homans) Homans’ focus was what he called “elementary social behavior (Appelrouth 421).” This is defined by the interpersonal exchange of goods, both material and non-material. Within a given exchange, actors enter into it with a determination for a result of interchange that profits them. The process by which this […]

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