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Habermas: Jürgen Habermas stated that there was two parts to capitalism the liberal capitalism which the “state has little involvement with economy” (Allan, 423) and organized capitalism which has the “ government actively spending and managing the economy” (Allan, 435). I do agree with Habermas that if we set in place communication equality in social […]

Contemporary Theoretical

Bourdieu   A concept that Bourdieu starts out with is habitus, in the book it states that habitus is, “ a mental filter that structures an individual’s perceptions, experiences, and practices such that the world takes on a taken-for-granted appearance.” (Bourdieu, 654). We have an individual and a individual enters into society and society consist […]

Theory? Our Society? Finding Explanations. – Krystal Woods 2014-11-21 03:08:29

In Habermas’s theory, he talks about how money and power colonizes people on a day to day basis and I could agree more. He argues that the life world which is everyday realities of individuals are becoming colonized by the state and economic systems. Both the state and economic systems have imposed themselves through media […]

unhappy workaholics

For Husserl, the lifeworld that we as individuals experience every day is, essentially, as co-subjective solidification of the values, commodities and structures of our society.  Habermas discussed the concept further when he argued the idea of the colonization of the lifeworld; that is, that the ruling entities in our society (for Americans and much of […]

The Colonization of the Internet

The internet is part of everyday life, right? How can we live without it? Regarding being on the World Wide Web, many of us cannot fathom not having online access. Even Habermas believed that modernity can bring hope in freeing the fetters of the colonization in the life world; however, here is where we must […]

Colonizing Us

It seems that the vast majority of our days are spent watching or reading some sort of ad for some pointless thing. The vibe of American culture, especially as the holidays approach, is the more a person buys the better we will all feel. It almost appears that it is our moral obligation. The other […]

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