“Belief implies personal responsiblity.” – Patricia Hill Collins

Patricia Hill Collins studies inequality, arguing that inequality in our society is complicated and we should try to see different standpoints. Like Dorothy Smith, Collins sees the importance of the individual’s standpoint. Unlike Smith, however, she asks us to examine the standpoint of black feminists and rather than feminists in general. Inequality and stratification are […]

Chafetz, Hill Collins & Smith

Main Points Gender Division of Labor and the Reproduction of Female Disadvantage (Chafetz) Chafetz’s central argument is that gender stratification is maintained and reproduced in society and Chafetz focuses on the notions of constraint and choice as being the chief factors therein. She defines gender stratification as, “The extent to which societal members are unequal […]

Matrix of Domination Sounds Like A Cool Movie Title

Review I can’t really contain my levels of excitement to appropriate levels because this week, I get to talk about feminist and gender theories…HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to talk about some of my favorite minds of ALL time, including the incredible Patricia Hill Collins (going to have a field day talking about her), as well […]

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