Homans and Blau: Are Humans Truly Rational?

Social exchange theory explains that human decisions are determined by how much value an individual places in each possible alternative. Proponents of this theory assume that people are rational and that their choices are based on what they perceive the best possible way to achieve their goals. One key theorist in social exchange theory is […]

Homans, blau, Goffman

Social Behavior as Exchange (Homans)   Homans explained the elementary social behavior(pg 421), which he defined as the reward or punishment each gets from the behavior of others. Homans talks about “time out”, My question is what is the evidence about the effectiveness of time out? Does it work? What behaviors does it change? Time […]

Exchange and Rational Choice

George Homans dealt primarily with the psychological principles underlying social behavior. Although psychology was concerned primarily with individual behavior, Homans felt that the rules governing individual behavior were sufficient to explain all of social behavior. At the heart of his theory was the idea that people acted to maximize their rewards in their social action. […]

Homans, Blau, Goffman & Collins

Main Points Social Behavior as Exchange (Homans) Homans’ focus was what he called “elementary social behavior (Appelrouth 421).” This is defined by the interpersonal exchange of goods, both material and non-material. Within a given exchange, actors enter into it with a determination for a result of interchange that profits them. The process by which this […]

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