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For academics, copyright can be a tricky issue. Much like non-academic authors, musicians, and artists, control of the copyright of their completed works is their only tangible symbol of possession of the product which they have been laboring to produce. Distressingly, publication typically results in the author losing control over the work, who must cede … 

Marx and the Prison Industrial Complex

Did you know that the US is currently experiencing the largest ever prison labor strike? I sure didn’t. Thanks for that one, mainstream media. Watch the whole thing if you want, but the first 2-5 minutes should be sufficient. TYT generally spends a lot of time addressing intersectional considerations after they present the news story … Continue reading Marx and the Prison Industrial Complex

Stop making ‘em cook!

A study by North Carolina State University found that home-cooked meals, while nutritionally valuable, were actually causing more negative affects on parents than the meals were worth, especially on mothers. Marx would say that we’ve managed to let the nutrition of our bodies, and feeding eachother (which is a huge connection to our basic humanness), […]

The Land of the Free and Home of the Bad

The United States is perceived to be the land of the free. Our foreign policy is motivated to bring freedom and democracy to poor oppressed, yet resource rich countries. If enforcing freedom is our goal, then why does the United States house 25% of the world prison population? Even more interesting is the alarming rate […]

Marx and the Military Industrial Complex

http://www.thenation.com/article/181601/whos-paying-pro-war-pundits http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/09/13/contractors-ready-to-cash-in-on-isis-war.html In the first article above, author Lee Fang discusses what is often termed the military industrial complex, and calls out so-called pundits that have financial stakes in the conflict with ISIS. Additionally, Fang criticizes the Pentagon’s funding requests for including requests for more F-35 planes, that are not yet considered ready to fly. […]

Jesus Don’t Want Me for a Sunbeam…because I’m from South America

While many of children were poolside this summer enjoying friends, family, and fun, there were thousands of children traversing to the United States borders in a desperate attempt for safety and survival. The mass migration of children from South American countries to the United States has marred the accepting image of US immigration policy. The […]

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