As I Lay Dying

An element of Simmels’s theory on Urbanization and Social networks is the development of a blasé attitude. The blasé attitude, Simmel believes, is created as a coping mechanism due to the limited emotional capital humans can spend because of our complex roles. We can interpret the NY times article of Alfredo Tale-Yax’s death as a […]

“The self is essentially a social process.” – Mead

Mead was interested in a more micro-analyses of society, like Simmel. He thought that society could not be analyzed without first understanding the individual’s role in influencing and being influenced by society. He studied the social world through they way the individuals make their way though it, making him a primarily individualistic social theorist. In […]

Ying Yang Twins: Mead and Simmel

Simmel In contrast to theorists who placed society as an entity that exist outside and totally independent of human interaction and or individualism, Simmel contends that society and individuals work interdependent with one another. His concept of duality and one existing presupposes the other was defined by the author as, “while who you are as […]

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