Parsons, Parsoffs. Merton, Mertoff.

Review Reading Talcott Parsons works, I found it almost difficult to reflect on his work in a subjective matter. His work is just so inoffensive…it’s much easier to reflect on work when I vehemently disagree with it or find blaring statements or ideas that completely contradict either what I believe or what is generally society’s […]

Parsons & Merton

Main Points Categories of the Orientation and Organization of Action (Parsons) For Parsons, action revolves around living organisms and their behavior(s). This behavior has four aspects to it: it has ends or a goal to attain, is regulated by norms, and occurs within a situational context, all of which is somehow driven by an underlying […]

The Structural Functionists

I. Review of the Readings Talcott Parsons: Categories of the Orientation and Organization of Action and Sex Roles in the American Kinship System Parsons is perhaps the “father” of structural functionalism. He dedicated much of his academic career to developing a macro theory of social organization and action. Indeed, in Categories of the Orientation and […]

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