Listen to the beat of the Street

We have all felt the sensation of being overwhelmed by our current surroundings. The sensation of wanting to run and hide from being overloaded by the constant stimuli from today’s modern environment. Many people have the response of going inward and essentially ‘turning off’ to their outer world. Simmel referred to this as developing a … Continue reading Listen to the beat of the Street


The blase attitude. Read this article, and it just shouts out to you the numbness that has taken over most, of the human race. I know most of would say, “No I would never walk past someone hurting, or in need of help”, but I am sure thats what the people in this article thought […]

Tale-Yax and Genovese

This article ( illustrates a prime example of the modern human’s indifference towards other people. In reading this article, I was reminded of the case of Kitty Genovese, and how it became clear to those nearby that someone was in grave danger, but still did not choose to help her. Although some of the urban […]

What would Simmel say? This incident of a man dying in a street for more than an hour before anyone could call 911 partially reflects the blasé attitude described by Simmer. We can’t know what everyone who noticed him was thinking, but there are a few examples of people who stopped. One couple appeared to have a conversation […]


In the New York times post, ” Questions Surround a Delay in Help for a Dying Man” we hear about a man who is left for dead in New York after being victim of a stabbing after trying to intervene in a confrontation. The article explains the number of passer byre’s who walked by the […]

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