Spencer and Modern American Laypeople’s Conceptions of Society

I don’t like Spencer and neither should you. He (not Darwin) coined the term, “survival of the fittest,” which although approved of by Darwin, has not done justice to laypeople’s technical understanding of evolution. He also used evolutionary analogy to legitimate Brittish imperialist exceptionalism, or more specifically, superiority. I do not think that I am … Continue reading Spencer and Modern American Laypeople’s Conceptions of Society

Teens, Sex, Society

Weber would agree on the idea that our society has become highly rationalized. Whether it is what we do for living, our bureaucracy in itself, or how we view our society from our own cultural points.  However in a country where everything is extremely sexualized,  from commercials to tv shows. We seem to not talk much […]

Race and Punishment: Weber

Race and Punishment: In the article, “ Race and Punishment: Racial Perceptions of Crimes and Support for Punitive Policies” they talk about “how policy makers actions and statements amplify the public’s racial association of crime” (The Sentencing Project, 3). The media and policymakers and government are such heavy influencer’s on the American people and sometimes […]

Weber & teen pregnancy

Sex education is something that I have always found interesting. How surprising is it that that states that teach abstinence-only have the highest rates of teen pregnancies than those who teach comprehensive sex education. This article states that 60% of students who were taught comprehensive sex education ARE LESS LIKELY to get pregnant than those […]

Home Cooking Burden

When I think of home cooking I don’t think it’s a burden but apparently that’s what it had become to some mothers. According to Pulliam-Moore, mothers have reportedly complained that cooking meals for their family stressful and dissatisfying. I think Marx would be very disappointed to hear that mothers don’t enjoy cooking for their families […]

The Land of the Free and Home of the Bad

The United States is perceived to be the land of the free. Our foreign policy is motivated to bring freedom and democracy to poor oppressed, yet resource rich countries. If enforcing freedom is our goal, then why does the United States house 25% of the world prison population? Even more interesting is the alarming rate […]

Home Cooked Meals

This topic hits pretty close to home–hence the reason I chose this.  This article (sited below) talks about mothers and the expectation placed on them to prepare these home cooked meals.  One thing I really appreciated that this article pointed out, was how, beyond cooking the meal, mothers take on other stresses of picky eaters […]

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