Race and Punishment: In the article, “ Race and Punishment: Racial Perceptions of Crimes and Support for Punitive Policies” they talk about “how policy makers actions and statements amplify the public’s racial association of crime” (The Sentencing Project, 3). The media and policymakers and government are such heavy influencer’s on the American people and sometimes […]

Culture’s Impact on Teen Pregnancy Rates

In the article, “ The States With the Highest Teenage Birth Rates Have One Thing in Common”, written by Matt Essert, states just that. He claims the abstinence-only education is that common thread for states with high rates of teen pregnancy. He demonstrates this point with several research sources and statistics to back up his […]

Stop making ‘em cook!

A study by North Carolina State University found that home-cooked meals, while nutritionally valuable, were actually causing more negative affects on parents than the meals were worth, especially on mothers. Marx would say that we’ve managed to let the nutrition of our bodies, and feeding eachother (which is a huge connection to our basic humanness), […]

Teenage Pregnancies

Seeing that teenage birth rate has decreased in the United States is a phenomenal thing to witness, but to see that isn’t the case where “abstinence only” education is being taught isn’t surprising at all. The rates are still decreasing, but in states where this type of education is being taught has the highest rates […]

The problem of home cooking

This topic caught my eye, as I have been having trouble finding time to BAKE POTATOES, one of the simplest tasks in the culinary world, and I am not even a parent: This article does some generalizing, as articles do, but the general message is an important one. There are social expectations fighting women […]


We live in a world where you can make money out of anything. In class we were asked the question of what do we have or what we can do that we can’t make a commodity out of, and we were able to come up with nothing. Our society has mastered a way to find […]

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