Financialization in the neoliberal age

Like many universities, VCU’s one and a half billion dollar endowment has become a site of conflict between students and administrators, fighting over the ethical implications of the particular investments that VCU has made. On the one hand, to the extent that VCU invests in the multitude of businesses contributing to climate change1 (or, for … 

Race vs class

Critical Race Theory   What is critical Race Theory? “It is a collection of activists an scholars interested in studying and transforming the relationship among race, racism, and power. Critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism.” ( Delgado and Stefancic ) In addition to Continue reading

Wilson: Race & Class

Main Points The Declining Significance of Race (Wilson) Wilson begins by defining race relations in the United States as occurring in three stages: the preindustrial, industrial and modern industrial. He continues in arguing that historical black/white racial antagonisms have shifted to a state of social, political and communal issues that have resulted an increasing class […]

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