Bourdieu n’Em

Bourdieu According to Bourdieu the amount of the cultural capital of an individual determines their success rate in an educational system. Bourdieu defines cultural capital as the characteristics given by families of individuals such as their linguistic and cultural competence, habits, social style, and their cultural qualities. He also claims that culture is transmitted from […]

Ideologies and Social Class

Daniel Bell: Bell was a scholar and intellect whose profound writings highly impacted the world of sociology. In, The End of Ideology, Bell stated that the nineteenth and twentieth century ideologies were being drained and that a more insular ideological method was going to take lead. He described himself as a “socialist in economics, a […]

Bell, Wright & Bourdieu

Main Points Cultural Reproduction and Social Reproduction (Bourdieu) Bourdieu posits that culture is transmitted from generation to generation through the educational system of the ruling class. “The inheritance of cultural wealth which has been accumulated and bequeathed by previous generations only really belongs to those endowed with the means of appropriating it for themselves (Bourdieu […]

The Critical Theorists

I. Review of the Readings Max Horkheimer – Eclipse of Reason Reason, as the liberal hegemony tells us, is the realization of the individual’s faculties. In contemporary society, this reason manifests itself in the form of incessant and rationally calculated consumption. According to liberal doctrine, the individual is free to consume, produce, and reproduce in […]

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