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  1. Hey everyone,

    I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly, as I don’t see an area where I can tag a category. After graduating from VCU six years ago with a major in Sociology, I’m excited to get back in the classroom and take things up a notch on the graduate level. I became passionate about sociology because it was a perfect mesh of theory and empirical research. Understanding the larger structural forces that steer individuals (especially those who are underprivileged) in a given direction is absolutely fascinating to me.

    Even as a child, I noticed how minorities were treated differently by extended family members and others in my community. Behind the scenes, the same extended family members would often speak of those who they considered to be in a “out-group” in dehumanizing terms. I never understood why they took that approach, and don’t understand or tolerate it now. I took those principles learned early in life and try to put them in action now; by fiercely advocating for any group of people who do not get the “free pass” that I often do as a straight white male.

    I consider myself to be a radical feminist, meaning I feel that the “root” of how we approach relationships and interactions between genders needs to fundamentally change before we can achieve a sustainable and equitable place in society.

    Looking forward to sharpening my skills throughout the semester and working with everyone!


    Rusty Tutton

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