Week 11

In William Julius Wilson’s More Than Just Race: Being Black and Poor in the Inner City, Wilson—a prominent African American Sociologist, examines the structural and cultural factors involved in the patterned, or consistent, state of being black and impoverished in the United States. He addresses the culture of racism, and the culture of African-Americans alongside … Continue reading Week 11

Week 10

“Neighborhood Poverty and the Social Isolation of Inner-City African American Families.” In “Neighborhood Poverty and the Social Isolation of Inner-City African American Families”, the idea of isolationism in impoverished African-American communities is explored. Unlike the links between ethnic enclaves in immigrant neighborhoods and economic mobility both inside these communities and in the larger society as … Continue reading Week 10

Week 7

“The Environment of the Negro” [W.E.B. Du Bois] In Du Bois’ “The Environment of the Negro” approximately 40,000 African-Americans living in inner city Philadelphia (175) were observed, or studied. African-Americans themselves were not just observed, but as the title suggests, special attention was paid to the environments in which they lived. More specifically, great detail … Continue reading Week 7

You’re Okay Because You’re Not Like the Rest of Them

Double consciousness is a concept that I was aware of as a child; but to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I lived in an upscale neighborhood in Washington, DC. My father was a scientist and professor. My mother was also a professor; however, she resigned when she married my father to […]

Double Consciousness

In DuBois’s theory of double consciousness he explains how African American’s have developed a second identity through the eyes of slave owners when they were first brought to America. African Americans became aware of their two conflicting identities once they realized they we’re not actually a part of the American culture and weren’t really able […]

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