Karl Marx: Reflection

Key Concepts: I: Class With the uprising of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, there was a migration of people from rural areas of the country to inner cities where industrial manufacturers and factories were present. This is where Karl Marx began to witness a growing population of people who come to these inner […]

Review and Analysis of Marx

Review No other than Karl Marx has been able to write a larger, more influential critical analysis of capitalism. In this chapter, Marx’s work and ideologies are presented to the reader, including the familiar Communist Manifesto,  a political pamphlet. It was designed as a polemic that was intended to incite a specific group of people […]

Karl Marx

Main points The German Ideology Where Hegel contends that consciousness is the driving factor behind historical change, Marx argues that one’s material existence is the chief determinant of one’s consciousness and consequently the impetus of history (Appelrouth 33). On the issue of ownership, Marx describes the four historical stages in the development of the division […]


Karl Marx: Alienation Capitalism was and is mankind’s downfall. In today’s community alienation is everywhere. Karl Marx defined “ alienation by the process where the worker is made to feel foreign to the products his/her own labor” (Felluga, Marxism) which means, the worker will not reap or get satisfaction from making a certain product but […]


Alienation, the experience of being isolated form an activity to one should belong, or should be a part of. Recently we found out some family friends are going to be hosting their friends from Peru for a year here in the states until they can get situated with all their things. I thought to myself what […]

Marx’s Fourth Type of Alienation

http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2014/08/chelsea-clinton-leaving-her-fake-job-at-nbc.html In the article above, journalist Joe Coscarelli is writing an opinion piece about Chelsea Clinton’s recent departure from NBC. Clinton made about $600,000 annually for just a few contributions, prompting the fairly condescending tone of the article. Clinton is arguably a journalist in name only, so Coscarelli’s criticism may be justified to the extent […]

Alienation in Today’s Society

In today’s society and in the world, alienation is widespread and can be seen everywhere. We primarily live in a culture of consumerism where dangerous, grimy, and underpaid work is the standard on a world scale. Everyone’s focus has been changed over the years to the possession of money and unfortunately, this is no longer supported […]

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