Bourdieu and Cultural Capital

Pierre Bourdieu says that there are four types of capital that are used to produce class, but to me, cultural capital is one that influences many different aspects of one life. Cultural capital is the informal social skills, linguistic styles and tastes that people garner as a result of their economic resources. My mom always […]

Coleman and Goffman. Why does every Sociologist have the suffix “-man”…

Review Chapters 11 and 12 discusses Exchange/Rational Choice theories, and Symbolic Interactionism, respectively. Exchange/Rational Choice theories describes how social exchanges are a system of rewards and costs. So, for a social exchange, hazing or teasing may be a cost, but status and companionship are the reward. Exchange theory explains the individual, while rational choice theory […]

Review and Analysis of Marx

Review No other than Karl Marx has been able to write a larger, more influential critical analysis of capitalism. In this chapter, Marx’s work and ideologies are presented to the reader, including the familiar Communist Manifesto,  a political pamphlet. It was designed as a polemic that was intended to incite a specific group of people […]

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