Chafetz Briefly, the above article discusses the practice of parents giving their children the “gift” of plastic surgery. This reflects the gender belief systems of the day – that femininity should primarily be defined as making oneself attractive, while masculinity has grown to encompass the traits that we as a society consider to be good. […]

Miss Ogyny, My Girl or Boy

When I think of misogyny, my mind immediately understands this through LGBT issues. What really makes me draw this correlation is the term gay. The very use of the word gay, shows the latent misogyny embedded in culture. Gay formerly was a word for happy or ornamental. So, why and how did it become a […]

Chafetz, Hill Collins & Smith

Main Points Gender Division of Labor and the Reproduction of Female Disadvantage (Chafetz) Chafetz’s central argument is that gender stratification is maintained and reproduced in society and Chafetz focuses on the notions of constraint and choice as being the chief factors therein. She defines gender stratification as, “The extent to which societal members are unequal […]

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