You’re Okay Because You’re Not Like the Rest of Them

Double consciousness is a concept that I was aware of as a child; but to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I lived in an upscale neighborhood in Washington, DC. My father was a scientist and professor. My mother was also a professor; however, she resigned when she married my father to […]

Double Consciousness with a little “I” and “Me”

This video came out in late 2011. If you can’t watch it, it’s about a black woman who goes into a grocery store with her half white half black sister in law. The sister in law looks white; blue eyes, light skin. The cashier (a white woman) at the stand chats the “white woman” up […]

DuBois: Double-Consciouness

W.E.B. DuBois coined the term, double-consciousness as always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others. DuBois specifically describes this “two-ness” lived and felt by African Americans. He explains that African Americans view themselves individually and a as a group through the eyes the society they live in. While slavery has been abolished for […]

Double Consciousness

In DuBois’s theory of double consciousness he explains how African American’s have developed a second identity through the eyes of slave owners when they were first brought to America. African Americans became aware of their two conflicting identities once they realized they we’re not actually a part of the American culture and weren’t really able […]

Personal Connections to Double Consciousness

W.E.B DuBois proposed the concept of double consciousness, or otherwise referred to as second sight. I had never really heard or though about this concept before, but after learning about it, I looked to see how it was related to my personal life. Basically, this concept is based on how less privileged groups, or minorities […]

Gilman & Du Bois

Charlotte Perkins Gilman– Women and Economics Gilman begins her exploration of the role of women in society by comparing human women to her animal equivalents. She notes that nowhere else in nature does the female of the species depend so completely on her male counterpart for survival. She then begins to deconstruct why this may […]

Dubois + Gilman= Feminist Oreo

Dubois W.E.B Dubois’s theoretical orientation is viewed as non-rational due to his understanding of racial consciousness. That struck me as partly peculiar due to the fact that majority of his work described by the author of the text was considered multidimensional and that he touches on concepts reflecting Durkheim, Marx, and Weber. Dubois connect to […]

“for the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line”

W.E.B. Du bois “for the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line” Souls of Black Folk From the social science standpoint, The Souls of Black Folk is significant because to me then world is divided into a line where color is represented, people aren’t treated the same, and Du bois […]

Gilman & DuBois

Main points Women and Economics (Gilman) Gilman begins her treatise by saying that humans are affected by their environment; climate, locality, etc. Nevertheless, she argues the social milieu is a unique force in the lives of humans. “What we do, as well as what is done to us, makes us what we are (Appelrouth 198).” […]

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