Chaftez and Gender

Janet Chaftez theorized about gender and particularly about the Marxian feminist Theory. This is essentially when patriarchy and capitalism work together to keep the oppression of women, while protecting the privilege of men. Oppression is continued through the control of women’s labor, because once more women are contributing to the labor force, the weaker the […]


Patricia Hill Collins – Matrix of Domination   Patricia Hill Collins’ concept of Matrix of Domination is a model that provides the “framework to understand how categories of race, gender, and class are formed and then transferred into systems of inequality and oppression,  By better understanding how these systems of inequality are interlocked and connected.” Continue reading

Feminist Theory

Dorothy Smith is well known for her standpoint theory in her account of feminine sociology. This theory explains that what one knows is affected by where they stand in society. For instance an adult in the upper class may have a harder time coping in an economic recession in comparison to a working or lower […]

Patricia Hill Collins

Black Feminist Thought as Critical Social Theory In Black Feminist Thought Patricia Hill Collins argues that the oppression of any group is “inherently unstable“ (Collins 398). This idea of oppression as an insupportable structure is her focus in terms of the oppression of black women. The “ inherent instability” lies in the fact that, as […]

“The labor of women in the house, certainly, enables men to produce more than they otherwise could; and in this way woman are economic factors in society”

Review of Charlotte P. Gilman Gilman was a writer, feminist and sociologist; also she wrote sociological books and articles. In the text stated that Gilman was one of the first to “seek and explain how women and men came to have their respective societal roles and why societies developed gender inequalities” (Gilman187). Males tend to […]

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