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Bourdieu   A concept that Bourdieu starts out with is habitus, in the book it states that habitus is, “ a mental filter that structures an individual’s perceptions, experiences, and practices such that the world takes on a taken-for-granted appearance.” (Bourdieu, 654). We have an individual and a individual enters into society and society consist […]

La Sociologie est un sport de combat

Review Pierre Bourdieu is perhaps my favorite Sociologist of all time; easily in my “top five”. He’s known for referring to Sociology as a martial art, which is about the coolest damn thing I’ve ever heard. More accurately, in French it is sport de combat. Bourdieu uses the term to refer to the necessary defense of […]

Bourdieu Pt. 2

What role does cultural activities play in the social reproduction of class? Bourdieu claims that culture is transmitted from generation to generation through the educational system of the ruling class. “The inheritance of cultural wealth which has been accumulated and given by previous generations only really belongs to those endowed with the means of appropriating […]

Pierre Bourdieu

Pierre Bourdieu was a French sociologist who focused on global and personal identities concurrently. He fixated on how the material resources translate into and reinforce the cultural/symbolic realm. The term “habitus” was coined by Bourdieu. This word describes who you are today based on your upbringing and how people/situations have influenced you while growing up. […]


Habitus refers to the lifestyle, values, dispositions, and expectations of particular social groups that are acquired through activities and experiences of everyday life. Bourdui says that tension between structure and agency is normal and it generates change. He also says that our lives are structue through habitus. We had an interesting discussion in class today about […]

Habitus by chance

Pierre Bourdieu theorized about an interesting concept he called the “habitus”. This is described as the schemes of perception, thoughts and actions. In other words, everyone has a different habitus depending on the capital they are exposed too. There are three different types of capital that Bourdieu focused on that attributes to an individuals’ habitus. […]

Bourdieu’s Habitus Dun Dun Dun.. Habitus at work. Indiana University has found that children of working class kids are less likely to ask questions in class, because their parents tend to encourage them to be “obedient and defer to teachers,” while middle class parents are more likely to encourage kids to ask questions and be outgoing. […]

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