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Bourdieu   A concept that Bourdieu starts out with is habitus, in the book it states that habitus is, “ a mental filter that structures an individual’s perceptions, experiences, and practices such that the world takes on a taken-for-granted appearance.” (Bourdieu, 654). We have an individual and a individual enters into society and society consist […]

La Sociologie est un sport de combat

Review Pierre Bourdieu is perhaps my favorite Sociologist of all time; easily in my “top five”. He’s known for referring to Sociology as a martial art, which is about the coolest damn thing I’ve ever heard. More accurately, in French it is sport de combat. Bourdieu uses the term to refer to the necessary defense of […]

Social Capital Bourdieu’s concept of social capital is interesting to me, not only as a sociology student, but as a political science student as well. Robert Putnam has also written extensively about the idea of social capital, and has often been one of my favorite authors to write about for political science papers (I suppose this […]

What Would You Do If You Could Do It All?

The best example I can think of the power of Bourdieu’s four types of capital are celebrity activists. The Habitus of the world of celebrities gives them a great deal of influence. Celebrity influence through movies, music, art, and sometimes even writing, crosses countries, classes, color, and economic conditions. The four types of capital of […]

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