SOCY691 – 3 Public Sociologists

To me, George Ritzer, Cornel West and William Julius Wilson all count as public sociologists. For Ritzer, in his books “The McDonalndization of Society” and “The Starbucksization of Society” he lays out for the reader the concepts of bureaucratic control, process, power and rationality popularized by Max Weber. The McDonaldization of Society argues that American … Continue reading SOCY691 – 3 Public Sociologists

SOCY691 Blog #2 – Stein, Collins & Cyborgology (Week 3)

Stein begins her Discipline and Punish chapter, on page 157, with a readily obvious observation, citing Martha Nussbaum, about the so-called “modern intellectual” in that this individual too often writes in a manner as to perpetuate their insularity. This, echoing my point from my first post about Michael Burawoy’s prescriptions for public sociology, bolsters the … Continue reading SOCY691 Blog #2 – Stein, Collins & Cyborgology (Week 3)

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