Week 5

“Human Ecology” [Robert Ezra Park] In Park’s ‘Human Ecology’ he uses nature to explain the origins of community and society, and its function. In fact, he explains the connection between the biology of the natural world and its link to society when he states the following: “Every community has something of the character of an … Continue reading Week 5

The Urban Process under Capitalism

The Urban Process under Capitalism Burgess’ article sought to describe social development and urbanization in terms of its growth, growth both in its geography and its population. This article by David Harvey seeks to explain the “urban process,” the process by which rural areas have developed into advanced cities, in more economic terms, specifically in … Continue reading The Urban Process under Capitalism

The Growth of a City

Burgess begins by pointing out that the development and growth of large cities serves to indicate the tremendous progress of modern society. The progress of the United States in particular, since the industrial revolution, may be seen within its cities and its urban areas as they have emerged out of more rural populations. This is … Continue reading The Growth of a City

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