Week 15- Chapter 11: Autumn Woods

The Great Migration took place from 1880-1910. During this time, around one million immigrants came to the United States and the majority of them decided to settle down in the cities. Most immigrants that currently migrate to the U.S. come from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Many of these people lack the resources needed for economic growth and opportunities, they also severely lack the chances to change this for themselves. These neighborhoods have a harder time with cohesiveness and just being there for each other. There is also a higher instance of violence in these neighborhoods because outsiders try to avoid these areas. I do believe that some people might choose to live in segregated communities because they want to be around people who are similar to them when it comes to socioeconomic status and class. In addition to this, Hispanics are the fastest growing group of minorities in the U.S.

Muslims are the group that is currently experiencing the highest levels of discrimination and prejudice. They experience racial profiling constantly from non-Muslims since 2001. Until recently, Native Americans tended to live in the more rural areas. This was because they wanted to live on or near their reservations. This shift is due to the lack of economic opportunity and lack of resources in their reservations, and the urge to expand their growth and ultimately for survival. Historically, women did not work outside of the home, so when they began to they were thought of negatively because their responsibilities were supposed to be taking care of the children and the home while their husbands worked. When they began working, they started off working for cheap labor and at one point became the main workers in the textile mill, during the 19th century which is when most women began to work outside the home. This change was due to these women’s husbands passing away in industrial accidents. The dual labor market force began in 1970, this was when the kids went off to college, and the husband and wife both began working. Some of the careers that started up when women entered the workforce include child care, house cleaning services, lawn maintenance, and shopping assistance for other working women. Lastly, I do not believe that the working world was created with women in mind, because the traditional roles for women did not include providing financially for the family. Additionally, it is proven to have been difficult for women when they first began working because it was met with a lot of controversy and resistance. Also, even now in the twenty-first century the working women continue to meet resistance from outside forces such as the wage gap between men and women, as well as the horrific instances of men in the work force that hold authoritative positions and abuse their power to take advantage of ambitious and goal-driven women in the working world. We are working towards a better working world for women, but we still have a while to go to achieve equality between men and women in our society and in the workforce.

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