Colour-blindness in Sweden: Revealing the veiled truth

“Our fight against right populism is needed in Europe” The quote above was the campaign slogan of the Center Party (Centerpartiet) in Sweden during the recent EU election, which clearly positioned the party as having an anti-right populist political stance at a time of rising right wing-populism in Europe, including Sweden. For example, the right-wing populist party Sweden Democrats received 15.34% of the vote in the EU elections; an increase of 5.68% compared to the previous election (Sweden has eight political parties represented in the national as well as the European Parliament, with the centre-ground divided by half a dozen of them). In the Swedish situation, where an ideology of colour-blindness prevails in public policy, this recent upsurge in populist politics raises a number of important issues in addressing the context of Swedish racism. Members of the Centerpartiet who declared their intention to fight right-wing populism in Europe planned a conference to take place at the Swedish parliament (Riksdag) on May 15th2019 in cooperation with the Afro-Swedish Association. The topic was Islamophobia and Afrophobia in Sweden and the event was titled: “Afrophobia and Islamophobia; what is happening before the EU elections”. The conference was planned to reflect on the racial discrimination that Afro-Swedes […]