Week 15

The great migration took place between 1880 and 1910. Majority of the immigrants that migrate to the United States come from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Some of the consequences for those living in segregated communities can be numerous one major consequence is the inequality and inequity with which the government is able to persecute those who live within separate communities immigrant and the like. When you are centrally located in one area it is much easier to divert funds and resources away from that area to either poorly mistreat those settlers or discourage further immigration into those communities. As a result one of the unexpected consequences is the rate at which emigrant communities have remained economically stable within their own communities. Wherever a significant number of immigrants go they began to establish their own self-sustaining communities and often contribute higher economically than native-born citizens as a result. I firmly believe that people choose to live within segregated communities a lot of people immigrant and non have predisposed stereotypes and belief systems that always gravitate them toward other members of their respective communities and in doing so they often develop their own self sustaining communities to empower each other when the government and other entities may attempt otherwise. People are naturally attracted toward people who are like them and this constantly results in what appears to be “segregated communities”. The fastest growing minority in the United States are Hispanics. The Muslim group in the United States specifically right now are currently experiencing high levels of discrimination and prejudice. Historically women immigrants from Irish families were typically ones who worked outside of the home because many of their husbands died within industrial accidents. During the 1970s large amounts of women began to enter the workforce the main reason of this influx is because of the increasing cost of living as well as increasing cost of education for middle class family which resulted in the needs for households to have dual income earners. The dual labor force market began in 1970s. A large host of specialized services have emerged when women entered into the workplace because of the now vacant needs that she needed to be fulfilled due to her work expectations. I do not think the built environment was designed with women in mind. Because we live in a male dominated world the built environment was adapted for women once the workplace environment shifted but it was not originally but with them in mind.

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