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During weeks 6-10 in this class we learned about; Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Emotional Resilience, Positive Relationships, and Getting to know Yourself. These topics are all related to each other because they all have to do with getting to understand different parts of yourself in order to better the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.

While learning about social emotional learning in week 6, we became more familiar with skills that are helpful with being successful in school as well as day to day life. The skills we learned about included; self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness. These skills are important for all people to have because of the benefits that come from them. In class we watched a video of an example of children being taught these skills in a classroom setting. Watching this video really opened my eyes to how important teaching these skills are to the development of children. I believe that SEL skills should be implemented in schools across the board to help students reach their true potential in less stressful ways.

Learning about mindfulness in week 7 tied in nicely to the topic of social emotional learning because many of the skills focused on in SEL have to do with being more mindful in your interactions, decisions, and relationships. During this week we practiced mindfulness everyday and recorded it after each day. We have been doing mindfulness exercises during class for most of the semester but this week we were assigned to participate in at least one on our own everyday. Also in class one day we went around to different stations and practiced different kinds of mindful activities to see which one best fit our preferences. I found it really nice to experience so many different ways to be mindful. It is important for one to take time to be mindful because we tend to focus too much on the stressors in our lives and not enough on just being present and quiet for a few minutes daily.

Week 8 also fit right into the topic of mindfulness from week 7. This week was about emotional resilience and the difference our generation has because of the Digital age and our screen usage. The main part of this week’s classes was we were not allowed to have and technology out during the entire class period. This was important because even being in the presence of our screen whether it is active or not is a constant distraction from what is happening in real time around you.  At the end of the week we had to describe what it was like to not be able to be on any technology for an entire hour. It is important to take time away from technology because it increases the amount of stressors in a person’s life by more than double. Our generation and the ones younger than us have all the classic stressor’s our parents had growing up plus a entire other list full of things that are mostly in our control. It makes it more difficult for a person to be emotionally resilient when all of their stress and focus is on the technology that surrounds them. Being emotionally resilient is important because it helps a person cope with the stress of life and not completely shut down from it.

Week 9 and 10 went hand in hand for me. Week 9 was about positive relationships and what it takes to be in a healthy relationship. Week 10 was about getting to know yourself and about how your personality traits can affect your life in many different ways. In order to understand your needs and wants for a healthy relationship you need to be in touch with your own personality and know what you need to help your positive traits flourish and help control the other negative personality traits that can come out in stressful situations. We also learned about how our personality traits can be adjusted to make better outcomes for ourselves. We learned how to identify maladaptive traits that we can learn how to control with some of the other skills learned in previous weeks.

I believe that weeks 1-5 helped in breaking down what we have just learned because we learned a lot about how to translate scientific information into statements that are easily understood. We also learned about our genetics and how that can affect our happiness in life which had a lot to do with the getting to know you portion of the previous classes. Overall I found the first five weeks very helpful in being able to decipher what we have been learning in class from week to week.  I have definitely come to realize that a lot of our happiness is very much in our control but is also fleeting and there are healthy ways to relieve stress in times where happiness doesn’t seem to be present.

I chose this image because it reminded me of a lot of the things we discussed in class with social media and all of the outside stressors that we let in. Being mindful and present is very positive for people’s health.

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