Final Reflection

During the course of this semester, my writing approach has slightly changed, normally you have a complete idea, some paragraphs then find supporting research. This time I had an idea, then found research to see if i could create any arguments from this idea. The main idea of my research paper was to discuss if police body cameras and its footage contributed to the reduction of aggressive force and police brutality.  My opinion or research argued that the police body cameras did not aide whatsoever and actually had many disadvantages. Some major progress I have made over the semester has included how I time managed, did extensive research and actually argued a point I believed in. Some trials and triumphs I’ve had in regards to this class has been trying to find a way to incorporate my ideas in what I’ve been writing without pushing my ideas on on to the paper. I feel like all of my work has been strong this semester, and this is so because of the reflection of my grades. With the course and its main purpose, I feel as if my work has demonstrated skill as well engagement, all due dates were met. All work was graded and the work quality was very good. Overall, this class was a success.