•What was the point of this activity?

 To introduce students to electromagnets and understand how current works.

•Explain how you would introduce this to your class.
Explain to the class that we are learning about magnetics and how they attract particular materials.
Then, as a class, we will guess how many paperclips the electromagnet will collect.
Where do you see a student having difficulty with this?
How the amount of wire affects the number of paper clips being picked up by the magnetic.
•What changes or extensions could you do to this activity?
– Allow students to test their hypothesis out and write down the results.
– Allow students to test out if the magnet is attracted to other objects with different types of materials ( coil, foil, plastic, saran wrap, wood, iron, nickel)
Scientific Principles: 
 The magnetic field is concentrated within the loops. When wrapping the wire around the core the magnetic field is strengthened. When the magnetic comes in contact with the paper clips, the magnetic field forces some of the atoms from the core to point in the direction of the paper clips.

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