Hot Wheels Activity

•What was the point of this activity?
 Demonstrates and explains the scientific principles of energy and motion.
•Explain how you would introduce this to your class.
•First, I will explain the types of energy. Then, I will ask students to work in groups to demonstrate their understanding of the different energies and correlate it to the hot wheels. For example, as the car sits on the top of the ramp it is using potential energy, but once it is released it is using kinetic energy.
•Where do you see a student having difficulty with this?
-Confusing the different forms of energy
-Placing the car at a wrong height/inconsistent height placement
•What changes or extensions could you do to this activity?
-use different cars
-extending the ramps length/ height
Scientific principle:
Students are learning different forms of energy and motions while using hot wheels. They will demonstrate their knowledge of the forms of energies and predict how fast the car will go whether it is released at the top or bottom of the track.

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