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Solid/Liquid Volume


•What was the point of this activity? To visualize and understand the concept of how much volume can fit in a square. Also, demonstrate how the same amount of volume may look different while using other containers or different shapes

.•Explain how you would introduce this to your class? Demonstrate and explain what volume is. Show two different objects that have the same volume and ask students to predict if the objects have the same volume or not and why.  Next, demonstrate that the tall glass of water fits a smaller container and explain that the two objects equal to each other. After, students will be divided into groups and work on the activity.

•Where do you see a student having difficulty with this? -Understanding conversions and how 1 liter of water can fit into another container with the same measurement but different size

•What changes or extensions could you do to this activity? -Use thinner/ bigger straws- use blocks to demonstrate that if I place 1 liter of water is the same as 1 liter of blocks.

Scientific Principles: This activity allows students to understand what solids and liquids are and how they can equal the same amount.  It demonstrates that 1000mL equals 1 liter. When placing the covered straw in the water, the water level increases. Covering the hole of a submerged straw doesn’t change the water level. If the hole is open, air and pressure are going through the straw, but if you cover the hole, pressure and air only have one way out of the straw.

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