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During my practicum, I have used engaging activities and games in my math lessons. From my experience, I understand how beneficial it is to make math lessons fun and exciting for students. In my placement, I was able to incorporate a fun activity that allows students to practice their addition skills. My 1st graders were learning how to add numbers that are less than 20. I was able to use math problems and allow students to use cheerios as manipulatives. Students placed their cheerios in the parts to determine what two numbers are being added together. After they will slide the two parts into the whole section to determine the sum of the two numbers. Once the students answered all 4-word problems, the students were able to save or eat their cheerios. During this activity, I noticed how focused and determined my students were. They were patiently waiting for me to check their mats and were able to explain their answers.  I am a firm believer that students love learning if you make the activities enjoyable for them. Creating engaging activities with math games or online technology can motivate students to practice their math skills. As a prospective teacher, it is our job to spark our student’s interest in the lessons we create. Incorporating fun games can inspire students that math can be fun and exciting.

Below are a few activities that I have saved in my activity file. 



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