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Rationale/Philosophy of Classroom Management

I would like to encourage a positive and welcoming classroom environment for my students. I prefer to avoid negativity since this can cause students to become distracted and unsafe. My students will be allowed to express their thoughts and feelings without any judgment from their classmates. Therefore,  students will learn to help and care for each other when a classmate is struggling. For instance, students will be respectful while their peers are speaking during math lessons. If the students answered incorrectly, they will explain how they received the correct answer. I would love to include plenty of group activities, especially for tough math questions, so students can help one another. During my practicums and student teaching experiences, I realized that students interpret the question better when their peers explain their thought process.

Incorporating technology in all subjects is beneficial to a student’s learning. Technology is a simple way to intrigue a student’s interest in learning and practicing math problems. It aids problem-solving and capture’s student’s attention simultaneously. The Interactive math website does an excellent job of encouraging students to practice math for a fun incentive. During my math stations, I will include a technology station where all students will be able to use computers. I will also include more hands-on and fun activities that will make learning interesting. For Language Arts, my students loved using ABCya. My students loved using this site during direct instruction. A free resource that students can use at home is called;  it is a children literacy site in which celebrities read fun books to students. Parents and students can access this site at the comfort of their own home. For students in higher grade levels, they can use the library for research. Students can find books about specific topics and create an essay or google slides on that specific topic. They can create a book talk and share their creation with the class. In my future classroom, I would love to include technology in all of my lessons because it is our duty to obtain students to become enthusiastic about learning.

Social curriculum in a classroom allows students to learn about empathy and how you can be empathetic towards their peers. It is an important milestone during developmental stages for children. It teaches students to care for others’ feelings and teaches them problem-solving skills for the future. When a student understands empathy, they begin to realize that their actions can affect a person’s feelings. They will become cautious with their actions and this develops empathy. I believe having empathy will be one of the most important traits a person can obtain. It will increase student’s social skills throughout their life. Teaching morals at a young age can be beneficial as well. At this young age, students might not understand why something is wrong or right. Teaching students about teamwork, being kind, and being empathetic are excellent ways to increase a positive mindset. Teachers often bring up these topics to evaluate how students handle situations that require empathy.

A way to introduce social curriculum is by incorporating the concept in morning meetings.  During my practicum experience, I held a morning discussion about having bad days. I asked my students, “what would you do if you have a bad day?” This encouraged a student-lead discussion and allowed students to problem-solve on their own. They were able to share solutions amongst one another and create a solution. I love this approach because it allows them to self-reflect on what is inappropriate and appropriate ways to handle a situation. During these circumstances, teachers can also teach children how to respond to a situation using appropriate tones and communication.

During the morning meeting, I would also like to encourage all students to learn two new facts about one of their classmates during each meeting. In the beginning of the school year, I will introduce games that allow pairs of students to get to know each other better and their classmates. In these games, they will get to know their friends’ interests by introducing our partners and by sharing a few facts that we learned about one another. These activities are meant to spread positivity into their classroom.

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