¡Bienvenidos a Spanish 202!

23 Jul , 2018  

¡Bienvenidos a los estudiantes de Spanish 202 a VCU!

For the moment, we will continue in English. I would like to explain the idea that the School of World Studies has. We are actively working to eliminate the need to purchase a textbook in favor of OERs, or Online Educational Resources, which are basically resources that are in the public domain and can be used (for the most part) freely and openly. You save money, and you still get to learn a lot! Sounds great, right? If you want to learn more about OERs, click right here.

Since you have reached the 202 level, we are hopeful that you will continue on to attain a minor or major in Spanish. To find the requirements for the minor click here and for the major click here. You may also be interested in VCU’s wonderful SETI program (Spanish English Translation and Interpretation) which you can learn about right here.

However, if 202 happens to be the last Spanish course you will ever take :'(, we want you to finish out strong and be confident in what you know. Throughout the course you will be working on activities that will help you to assess, reflect on, and improve your knowledge of the Spanish language. The main goal is that you realize exactly what you know in Spanish and be conscious of what you do not know. In this way, you will be aware of how you can use Spanish in your life, and more specifically within a work setting.

You will have five main “curations,” starting from 0 and going to 4. I am sure that your awesome professors will tell you more, but I will give you a cursory overview of what to expect.

Curation 0 focuses on “Can-do statements” where you (yes, YOU!) elaborate on the skills you have in Spanish, essentially evaluating yourself. You lay out what you would like to know more about and/or what interests you in Spanish. This will all go into your E-Portfolio, to which you will continue to add.

Curation 1 will be an opportunity for you to brag about yourself. Interested? You will be writing a letter of recommendation for yourself in Spanish (this can be a good template for if a busy professor ever asks you to write your own letter). This allows for you to further flesh out your skills. You will also be working on an autobiography. Go on, tell us all about yourself!

Curation 2 is when you get to describe what you want to do in the future. What do you want to be? Where do you want to where? Would you ever want to work in a Spanish speaking country? You will choose a career that interests you and compare and contrast how this job works in the USA versus the Spanish speaking country.

Curation 3 allows you to develop your professionalism in relation to using Spanish in work and/or working in Spanish speaking countries: interviews, elevator speeches, phone etiquette, written correspondence, and anything else you might want to investigate.

Curation 4 is when you put everything together. You can pull from everything you have done in the semester to be put in one place. You will also be putting together a resume in Spanish, which you can hopefully use in the future!

I hope you are excited and ready to learn. Let’s get curating!


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