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2nd Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love

10 May , 2016  

A fun Spanish 102 love song

102 M-F 3pm, D

Spanish Dict

5 May , 2016  

This website is extremely useful when it comes to conjugating.


102 M-F 3pm, D

Preterite and imperfect, por and para

4 May , 2016  

These videos are pretty cheesy, but we used them a lot in high school and they really helped. This one is annoyingly catchy and helps with differentiating between preterite and imperfect.


This one helps with differentiating between por and para. It clearly defines both and gives some good examples.

-Matthew Hall

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1 May , 2016  

rap about Tener

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For Quick Reminders

29 Apr , 2016  

I use studyspanish.com when I’m studying/working on something and for the life of me can’t remember what a specific grammatical term is or how to use it. Quick and easy!



102 M-F 3pm, D

Present Progressive

29 Apr , 2016  

“Bailando” is always stuck in my head, but it works out well because it’s an easy way to remember what in the world present progressive is!



102 M-F 3pm, D

Tú Command conjugation list

2 Apr , 2016  

Here is a page to help with commands. All sorts of verbs and their conjugations for tú commands.


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Preterit vs. Imperfect – YouTube

31 Mar , 2016  

This is a song that helps explain when to use preterite tense versus the imperfect tense of verbs.

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Spanish Por vs. Para Rap – YouTube

31 Mar , 2016  

Song that helps determine when to use por and para.

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Spanish Past tense

27 Mar , 2016  

Great video for helping to get a top down understanding the verb concepts and their rules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nVHhqblh88

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