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“La Bestia”

20 Oct , 2016  

Aquí están unos artículos (en inglés) sobre “La Bestia,” los trenes de carga que muchos inmigrantes toman durante su travesía a EEUU.

Central American Migrants and “La Bestia”: The Route, Dangers, and Government Responses (With sources)

Riding ‘The Beast’ Across Mexico To The U.S. Border

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SETI, SETI 420, SETI 421

Healthcare Interpreting Resources (Books, etc.)

18 Oct , 2016  

Books and Articles

  • Adrulius, D., Goodman, N. & Pryor, C. (2002). What a difference an interpreter can make: Health care experiences of the uninsured with limited English proficiency. Boston: The Access Project, Brandeis University. (
  • Downing, B. & Roat, C.E. (2002). Models for the provision of language access in health care settings. National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare. (
  • Engel-Marder, C. (2003, Feb. 24). Breaking the Language Barrier: A Guide to interpreter use.  Social Work Today, 3 (4), 20-22.
  • New York Task Force on Immigrant Health. (1997).  Access through medical interpreter and language services: Research findings and recommendations. NY: Center for Immigrant Health, NYU School of Medicine.  (
  • Youdelman, M. and Perkins, J.  (2002). Providing language interpretation services in healthcare settings: Examples from the field (Quality of care for underserved populations). NY: The Commonwealth Fund. (

Websites and Organizations

Another resource is Hablamos Juntos (, a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (, designed to “forge connections between healthcare providers and the rapidly growing Latino health market.”  Website includes descriptions of Spanish/English communication projects and research in progress at 10 medical facilities throughout the country, plus educational materials for medical providers and links to additional resources.

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