Welcome to my E-Portfolio

Why teaching? The rewards to teaching are countless. As a nurse, my roots take me back to education. Education equals empowerment in the arena of patient care. This same philosophy is transferable to the student/teacher relationship. By teaching the student, you are empowering them to lead change. You  job is to promote their success………

Overall objectives: 

  1. To create critical thinkers who can translate their knowledge to inform their practice in real life scenarios.
  2. To foster skills that enhance group dynamics and enhance individual performance on a team.
  3. To impart a passion for life long learning.


The world is changing and as educators, it is our duty to introduce students not only to content but also to technology. Teaching online is a great way to explore the concept of networked participatory learning. We all have the capability to produce information; students traditionally consider their role as consumers of content. It is our job to help them discover their ability to produce information and how to cultivate it. I personally enjoy integrating social scholarship into my coursework. Connected learning allows students to move outside of their traditional classroom, create learning networks and contribute to public knowledge.


Measuring success is not always easy, particularly if success is not clearly defined. Offering a variety of assessment strategies allows each student a chance to highlight their strengths and overcome their personal challenges. Concepts should scaffold to allow for a natural mastery of content. I strive to create an appreciation for metacognition in students. By identifying their own opportunities for learning and growth, students are motivated to access the resources that will promote their own success. Through feedback, I can engage students in their own learning.