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Comment on Blog Post: Week 2. by balljd2

I like the idea of you having the students bring in art they would like posted because like you said, K-5th graders trying to create a website would be very tricky. The teacher taking time to update the classroom blog with student content will build a …

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Comment on Week 2 Homework by kneersl


I cannot agree more about assuming SES, and I think it’s something educators forget about often when assigning things like this. Not everyone has access to Microsoft at home, so I think allowing different options for presenting material is wonderful. Something I learned in my writing skills class that can carry over to every subject.. when we give a student a specific means of communicating their understanding of knowledge, what is the purpose? Like what is the purpose of making EVERYONE use a PowerPoint? or have EVERYONE draw their picture? I love the idea of giving them a topic, and having them come up with their own way of showing me what they know. They don’t all have to be working on the same exact thing. You know what I’m saying? Let their artistic capabilities shine!

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Comment on Blog Post Week 2: Developing a personal website by kneersl

The idea of a poster for students in lower grade levels is awesome. Some students may not have access to the technology at home and may not be as familiar with it as others. I totally think you can incorporate this into SOL 4.8 in math where they have to show volume in different measurements. The creative artwork that comes from having to draw what you’re doing is great in young kids!

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Comment on Art as Text, Arts Integration, and Arts Education by bigkennyt

I don’t know how much freedom you will able to give your students for determining their work. I love the fact that you are wanting to give kids a space to explore their passions but feel that it could be very challenging juggling the SOL standards and in-class personal projects. This could technically be resolved by making it a take-home project but there are challenges with that as young as they are. Tech literacy is definitely growing but I don’t think it should be assumed on a K-5 student.

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Comment on Week 2 Homework by bigkennyt

One thing that might be really helpful is taking advantage of the computer teacher if the school has one. Most schools have computer teachers and it would be cool to partner with that teacher on assignments to cross-pollinate the learning experience. T…

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Comment on Blog Post: Week 2. by bleuerin

Hi Claire,
Creating a classroom blog is an excellent idea. Not only can the students be involved, but giving the link to the parents so they can see what the class is doing all year is awesome. One thing I suggest is incorporating SOLs into the art the…

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