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Art Making Activity Week 6

Speaker speaker 2 2-21-18 Making Activity 4 – Stereo Base (Week 6)
We made a working speaker out of paper, a steel coil, and a magnet. This was cool because it showed how sound is created by vibrations.

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Comment on Weekly Post by clbear95

Alyssa, with photography, you can discuss with your students on how they are different from they were in the past. Comparing the photos will help the students explain how things have changed since then and what they think is happening in the photos.

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Comment on Week 6 Blog Post by Claire Newman

For myself, I am a visual learner as well. I like to be able to be present and see things in person in order to understand different parts of history. With the technology today, you don’t have to actually go to the place you want to visit; you can look at pictures on the internet. For many things, I am visual learner and sometimes, I need to be able to touch and see the object in person for my own eyes to see, rather than just looking at a picture.

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Comment on The Voices of Humanity- Blog Post – Week 6 by atkinsonbl2

Your point about visual art is very interesting to me. It is readily available from the internet. Visual art is also accessible for us living in Richmond, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts also has great examples of visual art in person. Not to mention that Richmond has a number of historical museums. I think trips like those can bring history to life for students, especially those from families who don’t have the time to go to museums.

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Weekly post 6: Drama

I like Drama, I remember any time I have ever needed to act something out. You engage more of yourself when you act, acting things out makes is apart of you.  I want to use theater based art more because I am a strong proponent of making the information your own. I think this is pariculariny important for …

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Comment on Week 6 blog post by atkinsonbl2

That is a really good idea. Technology gives us the ability to “see” places that we obviously can’t go to. Plus we have access to records and personal accounts that everyday teachers may not have been able to share with students even a couple of generations ago. I think information used to be far dependent upon access. Unless you had a book in your collection or just happened to have knowledge in, you couldn’t teach your students about it. Now we have a vast amount of information at our fingertips. For instance, we can’t go to China to see the Great Wall but we can find detailed videos about the Great Wall with footage from high quality cameras, drones, etc.

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