Weekly Blog Post 6

I think plays and acting are the best ways to teach and learn history. By putting themselves in the roles of important people, students can learn more about them and fully understand them more. Writing their own scripts gives them experience with research and working with information. I think that now and in the future, …

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Weekly post 6: Drama

I like Drama, I remember any time I have ever needed to act something out. You engage more of yourself when you act, acting things out makes is apart of you.  I want to use theater based art more because I am a strong proponent of making the information your own. I think this is pariculariny important for …

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Week 6 Blog Post

I am a visual and kinesthetic learner so for me I think photography is the most helpful when it comes to me understanding historical contexts. I like to go to the place where the battle happened or where the person lived and see what it was like for them. It is not always practical to…

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