Weekly Blog Post 9

Escher’s Pegasus (1959)
MC Escher’s work is a great way to teach tessellations as a mathematical concept for geometry, maybe with older or advanced students. They could learn that tessellations have no gaps or overlaps, and they could crea…

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Fear and Learning

This documentary made me feel upset and angry. It makes me think of all the corruption and things that are wrong in this world. Regardless of one’s view on immigration, I think most people would agree how sad it is that a child has to grow up lik…

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Blog Post Math- Week 6

In this week’s reading, the author focuses on math and integrating art into math instruction. She gives several great examples of using music , visual arts, and literature to teach mathematical concepts. Choose one piece of art (song, book, painting, photograph, etc.) and describe how this could used to teach a mathematical concept. Try to … Continue reading Blog Post Math- Week 6

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Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary

This documentary made me feel sad. I think the hardest part to watch was when we took a tour of the little girls house and she started talking about how she doesn’t feel pretty. I knew watching this video that it would be hard watching the students struggle with their school and home lives but…

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