Making Activity Week 11

This week’s making activity was to 3D print a tool that would be helpful with instruction in the classroom. My idea was to make a keychain with the acronym “FANBOYS” written across it, so that when students are doing any writing in the class, they can reference the keychain to know when to place commas […]

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Clipper Ship!AgCznZSS-J_ekjwZnFEO7El95XTL
This is a link to the screenshot I took of my project. I was unable to copy the file to my RamPage. I was told the file was not safe…

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Making Activity for week 11

For the making activity this week i created 5 topics that should be identified when looking at a piece of literature, using the 3D printer. The five topics are: author, illustrator, character, point of view, and conflict.


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