Making Art Activity 13

Science SOL 1.4 The student will investigate and understand that plants have basic life needs and functional parts and can be classified according to certain characteristics. Key concepts include b) basic parts of plants Math SOL K.5 The student will identify the parts of a set and/or region that represent fractions for halves and fourths. History SOL K.1 …

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Making Activity: Squishy Circuits

Today in class we discovered squishy circuits. We learned how they word, the dynamic between the clay and the play dough, and discovered all different applications this could have in a classroom. Life Processes 1.4 The student will investigate and unde…

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Play Doh Class Project

We were introduced to squish circuits in class this week and had to creatively design activities for different classes. The was this works is the combination of Play-Doh and clay conducts electricity. We create a circuit, place the wires from the battery pack into the Play-Doh as well as a light bulb. If done correctly, … 

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Making Activity Week13

For the first clay sculpture my team looked at SOL 4.4 “the student will investigate and understand basic plant anatomy and life processes”. To use this in a classroom we would first have the students create the play dough structure of the flower, making sure to separate each part with clay. After they have finished … Continue reading Making Activity Week13

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Making Activity Week 13

In this week’s class, we created squishy circuits that could be used in different activities in several subject areas. The first sculpture we made was a tree. Our idea to incorporate this into an activity was that students would be given the materials to create a squishy circuit into a tree. The teacher could determine […]

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